Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The end of saving is ...

"But, in inculcating economy, we must be careful not to drive the mind into covetousness; hence it is of consequence, that with all our endeavours to cherish frugality, we should be no less assiduous to encourage generosity; and to impress them the idea, that the end of saving, is not to hoard, but to distribute to the wants of others."

A Help to Domestic Happiness by James


  1. I really love that quote! We can never be too generous, especially with our time. Money can't buy everything, and we probably don't really need everything we have. Great food for thought!

  2. I would agree. It's easy when the budget is tight to want to hold onto what one has instead of thinking of giving to others. Of course there are some wealthy people who hold too tightly as well.

    I was reminded today with a situation with an elderly man. There is always someone worse off than we are.

  3. That points to LOVE....LOVE never fails.

    Thank you for reading my blog and becoming a follower. I am now followering you :).
    I really hope you make soap. It is very easy, so rewarding and easy to sell, too. In answer to your question about a mold: Most anything that will hold the liquid soap will suffice. You can use glass, plastic, even a cardboard box lined with freezer paper. (but,do not use aluminum). Do not hesitate to email me with questions on making soap. Gerry

  4. I just applied your thought in this post to my clearing out my house of my mom's stuff and my extra stuff. Sometimes it is so hard to simply get rid of something because you own it, and may want to look at it or use it again. In my case, this has applied to books, patterns for quilting and embroidery, and extra clothes and many other things. I keep thinking of clearing out my house so as to have time to concentrate on the LORD, my family and my sewing for charity and others. Jesus said, "Go, sale and give to the poor and come follow Me." I believe he said this because He knows that if we are surrounded with our stuff, we are comfortable, and we won't give to those that could use what we have, and we won't want to get out into the world to follow Him and share His LOVE with others. Yesterday when I gave another car load of stuff to the thrift store, I thought that someone will be bless with my excess! So be generous not only with your money, but with your time, love and stuff!!! Obey Jesus and see what He has in mind for you...and now I will see for me! :)


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