Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seasonal Shopping

I hope you've been taking advantage of the 'back to school' sales even if you don't have children at home. I wait until August to purchase my office supplies for the year when they are at their lowest. Did you know that there is a yearly list that shows what is on sale each month? If you know you'll be making certain purchases you'd be wise to wait until the month it goes on sale.

I normally wait and stock up on Christmas baking supplies in November right before Thanksgiving.  I also like to purchase a few extra hams at that time. I've waited to purchase sheets in January and buy next years Christmas wrapping supplies the day after Christmas at the dollar stores when they go on sale for .50 cents.

Planning ahead can save you a lot of money. What months do you stock up?

• After Christmas Sales
• White Sales (
sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and quilts)
• Sports and Weight Loss Equipment
• Computers
• Winter Apparel and Accessories 

(In years past, when I had more money, I would watch for Prime Rib right before New Year's Eve)

• Electronics, radios, C.D. players
• Floor Coverings
• Housewares, china, glassware,
• Furniture, rugs, mattresses, curtains
• Candy and Chocolates

• Spring Apparel and Accessories, shoes
• Winter Sports Equipment, skates, ski equipment
• Gardening Supplies
• Luggage
• Frozen Food

• Spring Apparel and Accessories, men's and boys suits
• Women and children's coats and hats
• Paint
• Wallpaper
• Jewish Foods and Eggs,

• White Sale - Linens and Towels
• Spring Cleaning Supplies
• Auto Maintenance
• Home Maintenance
• Sodas, Hotdogs, Hamburger Meat, Condiments 

• Summer Apparel and Accessories
• Pianos
• Television Sets, refrigerators
• Building Materials. lumber and Hardware
• Dairy Products

• Air Conditioners, home appliances, radios and stereo equipment
• Summer Sports Equipment
• Sportswear, bathing suits, lingerie
• Craft Supplies
• Sodas, Hotdogs, Hamburger Meat, Condiments 

• White Sale - Linen and Towels
• BBQ and Patio Equipment
• Back to School Supplies
• Bathing Suits
• Fresh Fish and Vegetables

• Back to School Supplies and children's clothing
• Gardening Supplies
• Housewares, dishes, glassware, lamps, paints, rugs and carpet
• Bicycles
• Canned Goods 

• Cars
• Houses
• Fishing Equipment
• Crystal, Silver, and Glassware
• Candy

• Winter Apparel and Accessories, shoes
• Quilts and Blankets
• Heating Devices, water heaters

• Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Baking Goods

• Toys
• Gift Items
• Partyware
• Post-Holiday Sales
• Party Foods, Baking Goods, and Various Meats 

 Precious treasure and oil are in a wise man’s dwelling, but a foolish man devours it. Proverbs 21:20