Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Buying the BEST is not always my goal!

Choices. Life is full of them and it's no different when you're faced with decisions that will affect your budget.One simple choice may not seem that important but when you stack one choice onto another they all add up.  With the way prices have almost doubled in some items it's often necessary to 'settle' for a product that might not meet our previous expectations in order to stay within our means.  Each homemaker has to make the decisions for her own household.

For instance, I've had a favorite eye liner that I've used the past 5 years. I love the eye liner because it doesn't 'run' into my wrinkles. :-)  I can put it on in the morning and leave it all day and it still looks good towards evening. But, at a price tag of $7 + I've recently made the choice to switch to a Dollar Store brand. Yes, it runs. Yes, it smudges. I just tell myself...."Oh, well! Life goes on."  Imagine that! :-) That $6 could be used to purchase more veggies which is a higher priority right now than how my eyes look. (Blink, blink! *Smile*). I made a switch with my face make up,too. The new brand costs half as much as the Revlon brand but doesn't cover nearly as well. Oh, well! Life goes on! :-)

Sometimes, I make the decision that it's not worth changing brands. For instance, when it comes to mayo we stick with Best Foods. I've tried other brands and it always seems to change the flavor of the dish I'm putting it in. I watch for sales and buy it at the lowest price I can. If prices continue to rise and my budget doesn't then I may need to switch to a different brand. But, for now, I'm holding on to this name brand. I've trained my palate to prefer Best Foods.. unfortunately to my budgets detriment.

Households in poverty stricken parts of the world are not faced with these kinds of choices. Since they have not lived in a prosperous society they have not trained their palates or their tastes to want the very best. They are content to fill their bellies with any kind of food to get rid of the hunger pangs. 

Choices...  I pray that the Lord will give me wisdom to make wise ones and that I will have a grateful heart.. no matter what the brand!