Thursday, February 23, 2012

Grocery Budget and the high price of cleaners!

My grocery budget is  $200 a month which also includes what I spend on cleaners. Purchasing cleaners takes a big chunk out of the budget so I've been looking for cheap alternatives.

I decided to start with a toilet cleaner since I was running out. I did some research and learned that vinegar is an excellent cleaner because it has an anti-bacterial property. I found an old spray bottle and filled it with vinegar. I thought it worked great until my husband smelled it and began choking. Not such a great savings if no one can use the restroom for hours because of the smell.

So, I watered down the vinegar with half water. That worked perfectly. There still is a slight vinegar smell but it fades quickly. I've tried adding essential oils to cleaners in the past but the scent doesn't linger long so why waste it.

Since I rarely use paper towels I just grab some of the toilet paper and use that to wipe off the vinegar.
Next I hope to try it on my shower.

Do you use inexpensive cleaners?