Sunday, July 15, 2012

We've moved and settling in..

It's been a few weeks since we moved into our little 'Grandma' house of 748 sq. ft.  The move went well. We had plenty of strong help. (Boy did I feel old on this move compared to the last one!) The house and garage filled up fast with towers of boxes. So much so that we were not able to move the items in our 10 x 10 storage unit on the initial move. I finally was able to move them this past week. Lots of decision making because there is no way that we can fit everything we own into this house. I have a very large pile of STUFF ready for a garage sale. I've also sold some items on Craig's List and have more listed. We're using the money to pay for some dental work. :-) 

 I've spent over 5 years downsizing and really thought that this move would not be that difficult. We sold a LOT of stuff when we sold both of our previous homes.  I knew I'd have to get rid of some things but never imagined the magnitude. Frankly, there were so many times that I felt overwhelmed and wasn't sure how I was ever going to manage all of the work ahead. But, God continued to guide and direct.. even  the simplest of decisions. I'd pray and ask for His direction and it never failed that an idea would eventually come that worked perfectly.

Our new home. The grass is slowly coming back to life.
I'm so thankful that I didn't get rid of any organizational baskets,etc.  because they have really come in handy to make use of every nook and cranny of our small home.

This is what amazingly floors me.. this house does not feel small at all. I'm being honest. We have plenty of room and it feels spacious. God knows exactly how to prepare His children for what lies ahead.  After living in a barn studio and as a caregiver in less than 300 sq. ft. this home feels roomy to us. Isn't that amazing?  Now, I can imagine that if we had gone from nearly 3,000 sq. ft. to 748 sq. ft. we'd feel cramped and complain. God knew the exact circumstances that would prepare our hearts for our future home and gave us 2 1/2 years to practice living in an even smaller space.  He's so smart!!! *Smile*

I think if I had to choose 1 theme that would describe these past few years I would say it's 'live for today'. Some describe it as living in the 'present moment'. I believe the Lord will continue to teach and train me to live in the present moment until I leave this world. It seems that I've been in His classroom for many years with one situation after another chosen for me that I would not have chosen for myself. It never immediately comes easy to stay focused on living for His glory TODAY but peace is always found when I submit to His assigned portion.
My granddaughters spent the night Friday and made chocolate chip cookies.
 I may or may not have a job next month so I'm again placed in that situation where I cannot assume what my future may hold. I'm a planner. I want to have all my ducks in a row but that is not what God has assigned. So, I continue to reign my thoughts and fears back to what God's Word says.. not to worry about tomorrow... for today has enough problems of it's own... and to remember that God cares more for me than He does the creatures He has created ... and He takes care of them just fine. Mt. 6:25-34

Living is quite the adventure.. wouldn't you say?

May we live (coram Deo) before the face of God,