Friday, October 14, 2011

Low Income Dentistry: My 2nd Appt.

I went for my second appointment at the university that offers discounted dental care. I ended up paying $27.00 for my xrays from the last appointment. My cleaning (which will include some deep cleaning) for the entire mouth will cost $81.00.

My student dental hygenist gave me another exam for cancer of the mouth and updated my history. She evaluated my gums which would make the decision on what type of cleaning I would need. She was very gentle. Her professor came and rechecked the 'numbers' she had assigned each tooth. I had told her that I thought her numbers were too low on the back teeth so she passed the information onto her professor. She rechecked them and confirmed I was right.

She started cleaning one section of my teeth but was not able to finish. She said she should be able to finish cleaning the rest of my mouth at the next appointment.

Overall, it was a good appointment. I'm saving a lot of money. I was quoted $175 per quadrant compared to $81 for my entire mouth.