Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm so content...

Everything has changed ... yet nothing has changed!

That is what I was thinking this afternoon at the end of a full day of work in my little home. Yes, my surroundings have changed... my space is smaller.. much smaller!  I am still doing many of the duties I did in a home ten times this size.. just on a smaller scale. There are still dishes to be done daily, furniture to be dusted, a bed to be made and a floor to be cleaned.
The 'fun' part is that I can finish my housework lickity split! I love that! Since we moved into our small space I'm able to spend more time studying God's Word, reading good books, ministering to His people and studying areas that interest me in God's Word. I hope I don't ever have to give that up for a big home again.

I'm content... happy as a bug in a rug... thank you Lord for this wonderful gift of time and freedom!