Monday, February 21, 2011

My favorite recipe sites

I used to collect cookbooks until we began downsizing.  Once we started downsizing I realized they took up too much space. Plus, I realized that I was using my own personal cookbooks and online recipes more than the cookbooks.

I have 2 favorite recipe sites online that I probably use at least 4 times a week. These sites have replaced most of my cookbooks.

All Recipes

I use their search engine to find a recipe. Once the the page comes up with the recipes, you'll see at the top a pull down link that says 'revelance'. Click on it and choose 'rating'. By doing so it will automatically arrange the recipes according to their rating. Below the top rated recipes you'll find helpful reviews.  I always read these to get ideas on how to improve the recipe or to find out what ingredients can be replaced.

Be sure to sign up as a member so that you can make a cookbook. This feature allows you to save the recipes. I love this feature because it saves me money (no more cookbooks or cooking magazines) and storing space since I don't have to print out the recipes. 

The Food site also has a feature where you can filter food items you have available. It will bring up available recipes for the items you have on hand.

Do you have any favorite recipe sites?