Tuesday, February 15, 2011

High electrical bills & Clotheslines

Happy Day! The sun was shining.. no fog.. with a slight breeze and temps in the 60's. I know that may seem hard to believe considering the weather back east.  I almost feel guilty telling you that I ran around most  of the day with a short sleeved shirt. Glorious!

The clothesline was one of the features I scoped out immediately when we first interviewed for our job as caregivers. Hanging clothes has been a long time practice that has always helped to save money.  Frankly, I find the practice quite therapeutic.

So with such a beautiful day upon us .. and laundry before me... I tried out Miss Alice's clothesline. I believe this is the first time I haven't strung my own clothesline. It's a nice one, too. Professional.

Living in someone's home we make every effort to conserve energy. I think it pleases Miss Alice that I am making an effort to stretch 'her' pennies and not just my own.

Hanging clothes is a simple task. There are few rules. I take a rag and clean the lines. You'll probably think my marbles are loose but I find a bit of satisfaction in organizing my laundry as I hang it. I like to hang 'like' items together. If I have 'unmentionables' in the load I will hang those on the back lines and place longer items on the rows in front to hide them. Never leave your clothes pins outside after dark or they won't last long and be sure to bring your clothes in before the night air falls or your clothes will be damp. If the clothing is wrinkled then I'll toss them in the dryer for 5 minutes. This practice will also take the stiffness out of the towels and underwear. Crunchy undies are not fun! :-)

No dryer sheet fragrance can compare to the fresh, crisp scent of air lined bed linens. It's one of God's free pleasures and man has yet to duplicate it.

Do you use a clothesline? Or do you prefer drying racks? Or just say 'forget the whole thing'! :-)