Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Food Budget: What is the world eating?

Alice and I watch the evening news  after dinner. The other night we watched a news piece about a family in Sudan that was living in a cave. They had been driven from their homes because of the governments bombing. The family that was being interviewed was quite large. I'm not sure how many children.. possibly 7 or more? The family had not eaten anything for 1 1/2 days. I read that some are eating leaves off of trees to keep them barely alive.

Suddenly, my $200 a month grocery budget (which lately I find difficult to keep)  seems like a million dollars!

My husband and I like to also watch the international programs such as Bizarre Foods. I enjoy watching other cultures and how they live. The filming was in Mexico... not near the border but down deeper where there is more poverty.  It was fascinating to see how they eat literally every part of the animal.. feet, ears, skin, blood... nothing was wasted.

And then here we are... America! Here I struggle to keep within a $200 budget and I'm realizing that lately I have rarely been meeting that goal. What that family wouldn't give to have the money I spend on groceries yet I struggle to stay within my budget thinking I need more and more.

It's find it very helpful to wander outside the realm of thinking as an American and compare how the rest of the world lives. It helps me not whine and helps to develop a thankful heart.

The link below compares what families eat in a week from all over the world along with what they spend. I went through the pictures and really took notice of the families living on the lowest budget. Most were eating veggies, some fruit, homemade bread or tortillas, rice and beans with little meat and rarely any packaged items. Simple food items.  Take a peak. It's fascinating to compare the Americans with the poorer countries.

What the world is eating