Saturday, December 11, 2010

The cloud is moving... and so are we!

I've become fond of the story of Moses the past few years ..especially the exodus from one place to the unknown. I was thinking about this story quite often the past few weeks. Maybe you'll understand when I tell you our new plans...
A few weeks ago my husband and I interviewed for a job as a caregiver in the town where 2 of my children and their families live. We've been praying to move back close to our family and my mother and now it seems that God has answered our prayers.  We will be caring for a 90 year old woman who in exchange will provide a studio apartment and a small salary. I will cook two meals a day along with light housekeeping. We're free to come and go as we please since she is still self-sufficient and very independent. We've known her son and his family for years so it's not like we'll be taking care of a complete stranger.
My mother will be within walking distance. I haven't lived in the same town with her for over 18 years. She's needing a bit more help the older she gets so I'll be thankful to live so close.  Five of my grandchildren will once again be close by. I've missed being a part of their lives on a regular basis. I'm already dreaming of how I can spend more time with them.

Celebrating Mama's birthday at my son's home this year


So.. the paring down continues. Our new home will be close to the same size as the one we're living in now. The only difference will be that we won't have the extra storage we have in the barn. I've spent the past few weeks going through paperwork, paring down cookbooks, setting aside clothes we don't wear, tossing out old business paperwork and going through my books to save only the best of the best. I won't start packing until after Christmas so I'm using this time to look over everything within our small little home to make sure it's absolutely essential to take along for our next move. Living in small quarters has really given me a sense of what is truly essential to our daily existence. It has really simplified my life.
I'm assuming I won't have a lot of time to keep up with blogging this next month so I wanted to wish all of you a blessed Christmas. I hold so many of you close to my heart. My prayer for you and me is that our hearts will lay hold of the beauty of our Savior this Christmas and that He will truly be the greatest gift.