Friday, June 11, 2010

Savings Tip: Reducing the cost of baggies

Quick Tip: I read once in The Tightwad Gazette to change the way you think about every bag that comes through your door for the possibility of re-use. I keep a paper towel roll (the inside of the roll)  in my baggie drawer to keep them wrapped around with a rubber band holding them in place. I re-use baggies/bags that I place my fruits and vegetables in, bread wrappers and I even consider bags that are not food related. I wash and dry them of course. But, I NEVER use bags that had meat,egg or cheese items.

I rarely buy plastic freezer bags or baggies any longer and if I do I pick them up at the dollar store.

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  1. I do buy ziploc bags, but I wash and re-use every single one of them! So I don't buy them very often!!! (And I am secretly very glad when one gets a hole in it and I can throw it out!!!)

  2. So agree with this idea. I do it! I don't buy many ziplocs anymore because I don't find as much need for them and those I do buy I wash out--except if they had meat in them.

  3. It only takes seconds to wash out a ziploc bag. I find it better for the environment to reuse them and also I don't have to buy them much at all now.

  4. I don't like baggies. I grew up on wax paper. You can use it for most things that don't have liquids. Years ago before plastic this was what was used. I use the was paper for vegs, sandwiches wrapped, and almost anything. I do buy cottage cheese so I use these containers over and over.


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