Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June Goal: $200 Food Budget

I cringe when I think back at how much I used to spend on food after our children were grown and gone. Of course, we generally had one of their families living on our property with grandchildren in and out so that accounted for a small portion of my food budget. Plus, we did a lot more entertaining because we were in a large home. Still... I know I wasted a lot of money! I made a shopping list and off I went with no budget in mind. I spent anywhere from $600 up a month.
This season of life is different and it's essential (if I want to not work outside my home more than 2 days a week) that I keep on a strict budget. My husband's state disability check will stop in October and we'll be living off our savings until he is approved for permanent disability. Every penny MUST BE STRETCHED & PINCHED!

Last month I dropped our food bill from $400 to $300. I clipped a small piece of paper to my checkbook register and every time I made a purchase I wrote it on the piece of paper and kept a running total. It was a great way to start keeping track of what I was spending but I ended up running out of money before the end of the month.

My goal for June is to drop our grocery budget to $200. I'm going to try the envelope method this month and see how that works. My goal is to take out $50 a week and put $40 in an envelope for shopping. The other $10 will be set aside in case I need an item towards the end of the week. I tried this method last week and it worked perfectly with $10.00 left over.

I'll write tomorrow what my approach to shopping has been this past year and how it's helping me save a ton of money. I believe it's well worth my time to learn how to stretch the income we already have rather than trying to find new ways to earn more money. I consider it a part-time job that I get to do from home.



  1. Great blog, Georgene. I think it will be helpful to a lot of people. One way that I save on groceries is to shop at Aldi. Of course, maybe you don't have an Aldi....but if you do, try it out. Their prices are about as low as you can find food. Another thing I've done to keep the food budget low is to use the grocery ads and only buy food that is on sale and preferably also has a coupon to go with it. It does take a long time to plan your shopping forays, but it does pay off. And the third trick is to make a list and don't buy anything that isn't on the list!

  2. i know i'm going to love this blog!! This is one way to learn ~ from each other. i agree with what Hannatu says. One other way i save grocery money is that every once in a while i try and see how long i can go without shopping at all; just using what i have on hand and in the freezer. i have amazed myself with the results. Quite a while ago, when my husband had an income, we bought a half pig and a quarter beef. We're still living on that so i only buy some chicken once in a while.
    i am looking forward to your next post.

  3. I just know I will love this blog. I live with a husband and four hungry young adult children. 200 will be beyond us, but since you live with 2 people and I live with 6 maybe 600 will work for me with the dame amount of effort.

    One book I bought a long time ago and still love is called "Eat well for $50 a week" It contains many good tips, some of which you are probably already doing.

  4. Hi Georgena, What a great blog. I too think this will help a lot of people. I really need to cut our food budget. It is out of hand and it seems like we are eating less. I am going to love reading your blog too!
    God bless you!
    Hugs!!!! Sharon

  5. Love your blog! Being just my husband and I it has taken a little work but have our grocery bill(including paper and personal products) down to $150 a month. We have goats for milk, soap, and cheese as well as chickens for eggs so that makes it a little easier as well as I have a veggie and herb garden so I can freeze, dehydrate, or can everything I can get my hands on. When we didn't garden I would go to you pick farms and get items to preserve for winter. Thanks for sharing your story. Times are hard for everyone and you are giving us encouragement on surviving and being happy doing it!

  6. Can it be done? I think it can as long as you are able to plan it and pray over it! :)

    I was led here and I am glad. Will return so much to learn...



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