Saturday, June 12, 2010

Free Entertainment

One of our granddaughters came for a 'slumber party' this past week. The older the grandchildren become the more of a challenge I have in finding things to entertain them. They are pretty good at keeping themselves busy but I always like to have some ideas up my sleeve just in case.

This visit was a bit more challenging because of our financial situation and small living quarters.

This was our itinerary. :-)

  • Played Bible Trivia. 
  • Went to the library and checked out Pollyanna and Kit: The American Girl Series
  • Took a tour through McHenry Mansion. Very educational and FREE. 
  • Picked peaches.
  • Soaked in my Aunt's hot tub. 
  • Picked blackberries.
  • Picked cherries.
  • She drew pictures for her Bapa and I.
  • Read the Bible. 
  • Made fruit smoothies. 
  • Mimi (that's me!) French Braided her hair. 

I often tell my husband when we go to the library on Saturday's that there is an 'underground world' that the rich (by the world's standards) know nothing about.

Miss A. had a wonderful time (her words not mine) and all was accomplished for very little money.