Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tightwad Thursday

I mentioned in an earlier post how I enjoy reading through The Tightwad Gazette on a yearly basis. Well, honestly I never read through the entire book but I always seem to glean a few new ideas.

So, here is an idea that I read this past week that I already put into practice and wondered if you knew about it.


You can't always find boxed cards in large department stores. The last time I found one was at Walgreen's. Unfortunately, many of the cards are not attractive. But, occasionally I've found some nice ones.

Our dollar store sells all occasion cards for .50 a card. I'm buying nearly all my cards from the dollar store these days unless it's a very special occasion.  I will buy a box if I can find 10 cards for $4 or less which is less than the dollar store sells. Garage sales and thrift stores are great places to find inexpensive cards, too.

Cards are going up in price with some as high as $6 a card. You can almost buy a gift for that amount. My small budget cannot afford an expensive card and a gift. Most people end up throwing away their cards anyway. I do enjoy the sentiments written in a card so I try to write a scripture or express how I feel about that person on the inside of the card.

I keep a small file box of greeting cards along with a book of stamps. I especially like to keep 'Get Well' and 'Thinking of You' cards on hand in case the Lord brings someone to mind that needs encouragement. 

A card given at a time of need blesses my heart because I know that person has been thinking of me and cared enough to let me know.

Do you keep cards on hand? Where do you find the best deals?


  1. I get cards at dollar store too, sometimes I make my own by just using watercolor paper which is thick or cardstock. I can also print in color with my printer which I bought for my etsy business--I've done some wedding work using it--sold table cards and some wedding invitations I designed for a fun theme wedding.

    Sometimes in a hurry I forget and get the spendy ones--but always regret it. It is a lot of money for not much value. The same amount at the thrift store can buy a nice shirt or two.

    Dollar General is the only store in our town and they also have some good deals on cards and toys --other than little toys I've made my grandkids--so far I've gotten all the toddler/preschool toys either at Dollar General or the Dollar Tree store. --where they have things like flash cards & puzzles.

    I did spend $ on some things-- for my oldest Grand child but now that there are 4 and one on the way--I've gone frugal. I got some awesome toys for at Gramma's house from Good will. Including a $200 doll house I paid 2.99 for-- and a duplo (legoe) table stuffed full with duplo blocks for 4.99. ---so that's a way better thing to get for that price just a card.

  2. I get mine at the dollar store, too. I can't believe how much some of the fancy cards are!

  3. I make some of mine and I also get some at the dollar store. But most of my cards I get at Lifeway Christian store. They have beautiful boxed cards with scripture. They are always on "sale" buy one get one free. So you get 2 boxes of 12 cards for $5.98 (plus tax).

  4. I make them. I am crafter and artist so I always have bits and pieces on hand and they are always cheaper.

  5. I've gotten good prices on boxed cards at Family Christian stores. You can sign up for their mailing list and they send you coupons. Card prices are outrageous!

  6. Many organizations here, when they solicit donations from individuals will send a packet of cards back as a thank-you. As a result thrift shops usually have a good amount and selection.
    These are lovely cards, birthdays, anniversaries, blank ones, thank-you notes, get well.
    My in-laws save theirs for me.
    I am at an age where I now find I need more sympathy cards. Weddings and births are also starting among family and friends.

  7. I too keep cards on hands for birthdays, weddings, wedding showers, get well and sympathy. I bought a lot of them years ago when they were cheaper and I keep my eye open to buy 1 or 2 when they are on a good price as I do use the ones in my stock. At my local dollar store the least expensive card is $1. and cards can be as much as $7. I wouldn't be surprised if there were cards that are even more expensive. I would think the card becomes the gift at those prices ;-) From time to time I buy small packets of cards that are wrapped in shrink wrap. I've also found boxed cards here and there. When I find them boxed I like to get an All Occasion set. I probably wouldn't bother with all of this except that I was one who sent out lots of cards before the days of internet and email.

  8. I often make my own--or recycle one sent to me by altering it in some way. I think the main point is that we are remembering our friends and family and honoring them to the point of actually putting a greeting to them in the mail!

  9. Christian Book Distributors have nice boxed cards. If you are already ordering something from them with a free shipping code ($35 min purchase), they are reasonable. I usually buy a box or two when I make my Christmas order.

  10. I make almost all my cards. I didn't realize that so many people enjoy this craft. I use coupons for the cardstock and supplies at Joann's, Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Sometimes I find these things at thrift shops. If I find myself needing a card right away and not time to make one, I go to the dollar store.

  11. We keep a stock of birthday cards on hand . We have made some over the years, but more recently, I've been buying them at the dollar store, too. Occasionally, CVS has deals, too.

  12. Hi Georgene!
    This is Jessica, Pam Lefevours daughter!
    I just started reading your blog and love the tips!
    I do most of my shopping at safeway, Im a club member which gives me discounts and i also have a Just For U account, which gives me personalized coupons based on what i normally buy. I usually save about 35%-45% every shopping trip. You might want to check it out :) I usually spend about $250 a month to feed myself, my fiance and his 2 boys.

    1. Hi Jessica! :-)
      I'm glad you found some help but it sounds like you are doing great with your shopping trips. We are on a low carb diet (no grains which includes pastas, breads, etct.) which makes it a bit of a challenge to keep a low budget but I'm learning as I go. I am also a club member at Safeway! Hope you come back again and share what you're learning!

  13. I like to buy cards at The Dollar Tree too. I usually put stickers in them and send them to my God children. I have always bought used for Christmas gifts. Clothes, books, housewares, you name it. The stuff I buy never looks used (including the books) I'd pass by something that looked really rough or give it as a "just because you're you" present not a Christmas present. But, I've purchased some nice, hardcover books on dogs, cookbooks, new releases, all for 2-3 $ each. I have found cashmere sweaters at Goodwill, and various thrift shops. I shop library sales for books, and Church fairs. I spend money on some packaging (dollar tree and Christmas tree shop). One of my favorite gifts to give is an antique teacup, and saucer, a box of tea, a dish towel in a little basket all wrapped up. You could put in a book or a handy household item too. $5.00 to $10.00 can make a wonderful gift. I also make homemade jam from my garden in the summer to give at Christmas. I bake cookies for teachers and librarians and put them in pretty tins. I get my baked goods from Costco now so it's just pennies to do this. I buy new toys (legos) and special sporty clothes for my kids for Christmas, but they have never minded used toys or clothes and books (I get them all cleaned up before I give them) It helps the budget and the kids feel like they have an abundance of Christmas presents!

  14. The greatest savings I've found for cards is to recycle cards given / sent to our family. If the card(s) do not have any writing on the inside cover, I cut the front side off and turn the card into a post card. It is less expensive to mail post cards and if the card is given with a gift, I simply punch a small hole in the corner and attach it with some pretty ribbon or rustic string. If anyone ever receives a "real" card from us it is a very special occasion such as wedding or funeral or it is one that came free in the mail from some non-profit organization.
    I also never spend money on gift wrap. I reuse wrap & gift bags but also save brown packing paper & brown paper sacks. I iron it and use it as rustic gift wrap "tied up with string".
    To cut costs of gift giving I've always been very generous with homemade gifts. I enjoy making and giving quilted casserole trivets and hot pads made from recycled fabrics, crocheted socks, hats & scarfs made from soft yarns often found at resale shops, and of course I am well known for my gifts from our kitchen such as homemade cocoa mix w/ 2 matching mugs purchased from resale shops, tins of cookies or quick bread mixes (the tins purchased from resale shops), homemade jams, jellies and syrups, etc.

  15. I buy greeting cards at the thrift stores..great bargains to be found there. I also make some of mine.. For Christmas cards, I buy them after Christmas when the mark downs are extreme. Always pay less than a dollar a box..A big plus!!


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