Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tightwad Thursday

I mentioned in an earlier post how I enjoy reading through The Tightwad Gazette on a yearly basis. Well, honestly I never read through the entire book but I always seem to glean a few new ideas.

So, here is an idea that I read this past week that I already put into practice and wondered if you knew about it.


You can't always find boxed cards in large department stores. The last time I found one was at Walgreen's. Unfortunately, many of the cards are not attractive. But, occasionally I've found some nice ones.

Our dollar store sells all occasion cards for .50 a card. I'm buying nearly all my cards from the dollar store these days unless it's a very special occasion.  I will buy a box if I can find 10 cards for $4 or less which is less than the dollar store sells. Garage sales and thrift stores are great places to find inexpensive cards, too.

Cards are going up in price with some as high as $6 a card. You can almost buy a gift for that amount. My small budget cannot afford an expensive card and a gift. Most people end up throwing away their cards anyway. I do enjoy the sentiments written in a card so I try to write a scripture or express how I feel about that person on the inside of the card.

I keep a small file box of greeting cards along with a book of stamps. I especially like to keep 'Get Well' and 'Thinking of You' cards on hand in case the Lord brings someone to mind that needs encouragement. 

A card given at a time of need blesses my heart because I know that person has been thinking of me and cared enough to let me know.

Do you keep cards on hand? Where do you find the best deals?