Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Menus

My menu last week worked well! Several times I referred back to it. The menu helped me stay on track. It also helps me realize I can make it another week without going to the store. Hopefully! :-)


    Breakfast: Scrambled egg, small bit of potato, 1 hotdog, kale (FG)
                                              Low carb milk (for husband)
     Lunch:  Hot Link into 1/2 sandwich (husband), I had peanuts, hamburger
     Dinner: Used a gift card from my husband's birthday to eat out. FUN! 

     Breakfast: Low carb muffins with coconut milk shake (berries FG)
     Lunch:      Cuke, red onion, avocado salad, boiled egg with Italian Dressing
     Dinner:     Spaghetti sauce over spaghetti squash, broccoli (FG)

     Breakfast:  Scrambled eggs with turkey bacon
     Lunch:      Chicken and Kale Soup
     Dinner:     Barbecued Chicken, yam, fresh steamed green beans with garlic

     Breakfast:   Low carb pancakes (extra fried egg for husband)
     Lunch:        Chicken and Kale (FG) Soup
     Dinner:       Spaghetti sauce over spaghetti squash (FG)

     Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, potato, hot dog, kale
     Lunch:     Hot dog sandwich (husband), cuke salad (red onion, avocado, hot dogs) (me)
     Dinner:    Mackeral patties, fresh steamed green beans (FG) with garlic, 1/2 potato

     Breakfast:  Low carb pancakes
     Lunch:  Chicken sandwich (husband), chicken salad for me
     Dinner:   Chile Rellenos  (FG)

     Breakfast:   Low carb shake (berries FG)
     Lunch:      Chile Rellenos
     Dinner:     Fish and fried okra (FG)

FG= From our garden

Snacks: Low carb apricot tarts, sunflower seeds, carrots and ranch, apples, coconut milk Popsicle

What are you eating this week?