Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I buy at the "Dollar" stores

You really have to know your prices when comparing the Dollar Stores items to other shopping places. Sometimes I know that an item will cost me a bit more if I bought it in a larger quantity at another store but I may be limited on funds and just need a small amount. Peanuts are one of those items. Every once in a while we like them for a snack. Generally the prices are good and the store helps to stretch my dollar.

Do you have a list of items you regularly buy at the "Dollar" stores. I'd love to see it!

Here is my list (and it's growing):

1. Chorizo
2. Freezer bags (occasionally) for large quantities of meat
3. Corn Tortillas
4. Eye Liner
5. Paint Brushes and rollers.
6. Foam brushes for acrylic paint.
7. Gift bags
8. Cards
9. Flowers for the cemetery
10. Bibles (to give away)
11. Frozen vegetables
12. Small bags of nuts
13. Measuring cups
14. Feminine products
15. Hand soap
16. Cheese slices
17. Eggs (depending on the price).
18. Sweet potato chips
19. Pickles
20. Body soap
21. Plastic wrap (I just tried this and it worked great!).
22. Tinfoil
23. Bubbles (for the grands).
24. Craft supplies (for the grands) such as coloring books, paint brushes,
25.Kitchen scissors (they were really sharp).
26. Paper plates
27. Room freshner
28. Laundry detergent (to have on hand if I get lazy about making the homemade recipe).
29. Small bags of nuts. I can't afford the big bags at Costco.
30. Cough medicine


  1. We shop at Dollar Tree from time to time. I will pickup glasses, plates,english lavender soap, coconut milk (to make my homemade shampoo), and candles. If there's anything else, right now I can't think of it....having senior moments, lol....
    Have a wonderful day.

    1. Coconut shampoo? Is that recipe on your website? Does it work? Is it less expensive then store bought shampoo and can you use it for colored hair? (Sorry for so many questions! *S*).

  2. Gift bags, and computer paper. I also buy little toys that I will put in the kid's goodies bags.
    I will also buy bowls and aluminum pans there too. I am sure there is tons more.
    Blessings, Joanne

    1. I never thought of looking for computer paper. That will go on my next list. I also buy aluminum pans to use when I make a meal for someone. Thanks for the suggestions. I love to hear what others find. :-)

  3. We have a Dollar Tree and I love it!! Dollar General is a joke......
    I buy all my cards, paper goods..... and so many other items from Dollar Tree and it's only a mile from my house..... how good is that!!!

  4. I started making gifts and cards on my computer to save money. Will have to check out the Dollar Tree. Great tips here.

  5. I never knew the dollar store had so much in it! I have to spend more time there. Or maybe it's specifically the Dollar Tree. ???

    I do like that Target now has a 99 cent card section like Walmart does. But more often I make my own, often recycling an old card and "altering" it. People appreciate home made cards or just a note on a regular notecard to honor their birthday, anniversary, or to extend sympathy. EVen boxed cards are getting too expensive.

  6. I buy many of the same items listed at Dollar Tree. I also make greeting cards, and from time to time I have found the embelishments at a much better price than the craft stores. Once I found a book on making cards, and one on making paper quilts, so I bought them both. The dollar tree near my home does not have the fridge and freezer area, but it is right next to Winn Dixie, where I like to get my meat, so I will hit both stores on the same day with my list.

  7. We have a dollar tree and the 99 cent store - both good with different stuff. One thing I love to buy is the reading glasses. I need many pairs because I miss place them often. Our 99 cent store has fresh produce now with great items with bags of potatoes and onions and also the bags of romaine lettuce I like. All kinds of fruit including assort. Berries. Spices are good their too with coarse black pepper and garlic which can be pricey in the stores. I can go on and on, never should a person go to a regular store before shopping there first. :)

  8. I buy alot at dollar tree. Foil, disposable pans, storage containers/buckets, tupperware, picture frames (I sand them down and paint them) kitchen sponges, degreaser, notebook paper, pens, eyeliner, bar soap, caramel candies, shaving cream, and im sure theres more! I dont trust the refrigerated/frozen food, but I may try it next time.


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