Thursday, July 8, 2010

Toilet Paper Principle

I read this tip last week on Deal Seeking Mom's site! I thought it was an easy way  to figure out what is the best price to stock up on toilet paper. This is simple enough for my old brain to retain!

"Look at the front bottom of the toilet paper package to determine the total square feet. Now insert a decimal point in this number two places to the left. If the cost of the package minus coupons is less than or equal to this figure, it's a decent deal -- basically $0.01 or less per square foot!
TP #1 = 400 sq. ft.; price = $6; stock-up price $4, so not a fabulous deal....
TP #2 = 650 sq. ft.; price = $5; stock-up price $6.50, so definitely a bargain!"

Easy, huh?!

Picture used with permission from All Posters


  1. Pretty cool tip.
    I generally gravitate toward certain brands by habit, but only buy those on sale with coupons. I keep a stack of 12 pks in my laundry--don't restock unless it is below a certain height. Always seems to work out to the next good sale. funny. Its my 'eyeball system'.

    Also paper towel--for a while we did without it, but it was so handy. Now I only buy those 'choose a size' rolls and get those as cheaply as I can. Its like buying twice as much. Also-- you could just cut them in half-but it looks terrible. I do cut dryer sheets in half when I use those.

  2. Well I've changed since I wrote that one! Now that its just Hubby and Me--I really don't need 12 roll packs anymore. I'm in a new situation--since I know we'll move again sometime this year I just can't see storing lots of extra things that will make that more difficult. Inflation or not--I guess I'm learning to shop differently--just getting what we need this week and maybe a little extra sometimes. I want to find out how low I can get the weekly list now--but still keep Hubby happy. A new challenge! :) I'm going to jot that TP cost figuring tip down. I think it will help a lot.


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