Monday, July 5, 2010

Coupon Data Search Engine

One of my favorite couponing resources is a webpage called, Hot Coupon World. I use their Coupon Data Base every week. This is how I use it:

I first make up my weekly shopping list according to the sale items that week. I then go to Hot Coupon World and click on their Coupon Data link on the right side of the front page. I work my way through my shopping list to see if any of the items I'm purchasing may have a coupon.  Just place the name of an item in the search box and it will tell you if there are any coupons available ANYWHERE on that item. Many times they will offer a link to a coupon that can be printed off of your computer.

Do you have any favorite couponing sites you visit regularly?

Hot Coupon World


  1. this is a very good tip, I will check it out. Thank you

  2. I visit several times during the month. I have found quite a few coupons this way, although I know not everyone can use internet coupons at their stores.

  3. I am also using hot coupon world. I also find a new website for latest promotional codes for various store. click here to view this site...


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