Friday, December 13, 2013

Perfectionism and frugality!

We're on the countdown to Christmas! Are you ready? I'm using every spare moment to finish the last of my homemade gifts. We had a family member fall and break his hip this week so our focus shifted.. as well it should!  I continue to set perfectionism (pride?) aside as I look at my dusty furniture and smudgy floors. I'm keeping up with the meals, dishes and laundry. The rest will wait for me. *smile* 

Oftentimes at this time of year we forget who is the true giver of gifts! Yes, our husbands work to bring home a paycheck. But, do we thank God for providing the health needed to earn that money? Or who blesses the company they work for so there is money to pay their salary? I stopped today and thanked God that even though my husband is disabled and is no longer able to work -- still the Lord has provided gifts through the many years he tirelessly worked for his family. God  is my provider. 

Two of the nicest guys I know! (My son in love and my son (on the right)

 I'm still doing my normal frugal duties but there is just not enough time to add any extras to share with you this week.  I decided to share a story I wrote several years ago on my neglected Xanga blog. I hope this story encourages you as much as it encouraged me! 

92 Bananas (I mean SOCKS!)

I was sharing this story with my girls today.

I really wanted to purchase a few pairs of socks this summer to wear with my tennis shoes. I had two pairs that didn’t make it to wash day so I’d end up wearing my thick socks which were hot.  No big deal!  I  was tempted many times to pick up a package but kept putting it off thinking that I’d just make do with what I had. And I did.

I shared this ‘want’ with no one.

A few weeks ago my sister handed me a bag. As I opened the bag I was overwhelmed. Can you guess what I found?  You guessed it!   A bag full of socks! Not just a few but probably close to 20 pairs. All colors and kinds. My dresser drawer is now crammed packed with socks!

My heart was overwhelmed.. again.. with the knowledge of God’s tender care for me!  “Thank you, Lord, for noticing even my smallest ‘wants’!”

Immediately I was reminded of a story I read several years ago called, Evidence Not Seen. It was the story of Darlene Diebler Rose who was a missionary to Papua New Guinea. She was taken captive during World War 11 by the Japenese.

Darlene was in solitary confinement at one point of her captivity. She was only fed white rice oftentimes with rocks in it. She was malnourished and her body was suffering from dysentery and malaria. One day she wished for some fresh air so she managed to pull herself up to the top of the cell where there was a small opening. As she looked outside she saw a prisoner sneak over to the fence where someone handed her a bunch of bananas. Darlene’s mouth began to water. Oh, how she wished for just one banana. Just one! As she lowered herself down from the window she knelt down and prayed for just one banana. Just one, Lord! Just one! She started imaging how the Lord would answer this prayer but since the guards were the only one’s allowed to open her cell door she soon concluded that her chances for just one banana were slim.

Within a short period of time the door opened and there stood a commander from another prison camp where she had stayed. Plans were being made for her execution. He asked her what message she would want to send back to the prisoners at camp who were asking about her.

She told him to tell them that she was alright because she was still trusting in Jesus.

Tears came to the commander’s eyes. He then turned to the two guards and began speaking to them in a low voice. She was sure that he was telling them the salvation story which she had shared with him after she was informed of her husband’s death.

Soon they left.  Darlene suddenly realized that she had forgotten to bow to the guards. Oh, she was so frightened! Why hadn’t she remembered? Why hadn’t the Lord reminded her?  She would surely now be beaten again! She couldn’t bare another beating. Suddenly, she heard footsteps and braced herself. The door opened and a guard entered. And guess what he brought with him? Not ONE but 92 bananas! 92!!

Many of us are experiencing leaner times than we’re used to (we’re still so abundantly blessed) but we continue to serve a God who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond what we ask or even IMAGINE!

Jehovah Jireh.. our Provider!

Ephesians 3:20 “Now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think, according to the power that works in us..”

Georgene Girouard
September 25, 2009
Isn't God good?! 

I've made and continue to make such lovely acquaintances and friends through this blog. Thank you for your friendship. I look forward to reading what you are doing in your home each week as I know others have said they do, too! If you have time we'd love to hear how God is providing for you this Christmas!


  1. Best wishes to the family member with the broken hip. I can relate. In 2005 my mother fell and broke her knee a couple of days before Christmas. She had surgery that night and went home Christmas eve. I was running around trying to get prescriptions filled for her before the pharmacies closed. That night a tornado narrowly missed our house! My son and I were hiding in the master bathroom while it went over! so needless to say, by Christmas day I was not even thinking of perfectly wrapped packages, a splendid dinner or a shining clean house! I was just getting by.

    Love the stories! Yes, he provides for his children. My husband has worked construction, feast or famine, and our bills were always paid on time.

    I was looking at a magazine today and saw a couple of projects I think I could make for the women in the family for next year. I'm going to start a notebook and get started in the new year. What do you make for men? Any ideas?

    Merry Christmas to all!

    1. Hi Rachel,

      What a story! Yes, I can see how that experience put things in perspective! :-)

      We owned a trucking business for years. In the early years it was feast or famine, too. It always amazed me how God provided faithfully.

      I have NO idea what to make for men. It's always a challenge. Let's see... well.. I made my husband a knitted scarf one year. :-) The men in our family like baked goodies. I'd love to hear if you come up with any ideas.

  2. I remember the banana story too. :) Also busy trying to get ready for company. I am not ready by far, and have an uphill battle going. company is coming early too. LOL. So hubby will be delivering a load of things I don't have room for about the time they show up, meanwhile I'm on a 2nd new med after 1st one didn't work out. Daughter called and asked if I could baby sit tonight--so... well I am doing it. :) She needs her time away now and then and I need time with the little ones to keep my smile working properly. :) They are sitting in high chairs here finishing up dinner and watching Sponge Bob. The room is lit up by my giant undecorated tree and all is well with the world. :) God is good.

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    2. Ahh.. Mary! I love your last 2 sentences! A thankful heart! That blessed me! I'm sorry your medication is not working. Hopefully they will find something effective soon. Sometimes the side effects from the medications seem worst than the malady. At least that is what my husband and I have thought at times. I hope you have the loveliest of Christmases.

  3. Bananas are wonderful treats for me. I like to have them around as they provide potassium. Now I have a story to think about for those bananas I love and can pin it to the LORD's provision. Thanks for breaking into your usual post with this one. Will pray for that hip and your ability to set aside perfection and attend to your relative's needs.

    1. I love bananas, too! I limit myself to 1/4 of one at a time because of the high sugar content. Thanks for your prayers Carol!

    2. Here is how I think about it. Zero points Weight Watchers which allows one banana per day. Potassium shots are expensive and us older people need potassium.

  4. Georgene, lovely story! I am reminded of an experience which my favorite pastor shared a few times--his bed pillow was getting too "smooshy," but there was no money for a new, firmer one. So he prayed for the Lord to somehow provide him with a "firm, foam pillow." He and his wife gave a presentation at a supporting church, who in turn allowed them to go through their missionary closet for anything they might need. There, on the top shelf, was new firm, foam pillow!
    Merry Christmas, sweet Georgene!

    1. Wanted to add a special facebook update from a bible student friend of mine--he posted this update TODAY!! His family's van had broken down, there was no money to get it repaired. In the mail today, an anonymous card with a check, thanking him for his military service. What an awesome God we serve!

    2. Ah... 2 wonderful stories! I loved them both. Thank you so much for sharing Stacie!

      Merry Christmas to you, too! I hope you have the best Christmas this year!

  5. Georgene-
    Merry Christmas! I love your story about the socks! God is so good to take care of our every need-even the little ones. I have a story like that. My middle guy was little (4) and the dog had chewed up his shoes. I had gotten those at a garage sale. He had no shoes and we had no money. I cried out to God in my heart. "Please help me Lord". I was in the car when I prayed and I immediately saw a garage sale. It was at a home where I knew the family homeschooled (we homeschool). I knew her children were older but I decided to try anyway. As I was looking, I saw this brand-new pair of Stride Rite shoes in my son's size. I almost started bawling right there. When I went to pay the lady for the shoes, she said "Huh, I don't remember putting these out. I wonder where the came from." But I knew EXACTLY where they had come from! Have a wonderful time with your family! Blessings, Jennifer in IA

    1. Oh Jennifer! What a beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing it. I can just imagine what a huge blessing and faith builder that was for you! :-) Merry Christmas Jennifer!

  6. Your life and blog are a tremendous inspiration and blessing to me. I thank God for your decision to write your thoughts out and share with the world.


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