Sunday, October 27, 2013

Monday Menus

I took my friends advice and made a list of everything in my pantry, fridge and freezer. I then made up a 3 week menu plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had $70 left before next payday. I was able to come close to nearly 3 weeks of meals. Whew! That is a relief! If I'm very cautious and only spend $23.00 or less a week then I should be fine. So here is this week's menu.

Breakfast-  scrambled eggs and turkey bacon
Lunch- Bologna sandwich (husband), egg salad and celery (me)
Dinner- LC Tacos

Breakfast- LC pancakes
Lunch- Tomato soup and 1/2 turkey sandwich (husband) and turkey salad/ celery (me)
Dinner- Spaghetti sauce over spaghetti squash and carrots

Breakfast- LC biscuits and gravy
Lunch- hot link sandwich (husband), hot link and red cabbage slaw (me)
Dinner- Salmon Patties, pea salad, Italian green beans

Breakfast- scrambled eggs
Lunch- vegetable soup and 1/2 turkey sandwich (husband), turkey salad (me), pea salad
dinner- Clam chowder, sauteed kale with onion, garlic and bacon

Breakfast- LC biscuits and gravy
Lunch- fried egg sandwich (husband), fried egg and pea salad (me)
Dinner- Ham, green beans, coleslaw, deviled eggs

Breakfast- LC muffins and LC Smoothie
Lunch- hot dogs sauteed with onion and celery in butter (childhood favorite)
Dinner- Leftover ham, green beans, coleslaw, deviled eggs

Breakfast- scrambled eggs, mushrooms, kale, onion
Lunch- Freezer soup
Dinner- Leftovers


  1. These look like nice, healthy meals. I was inspired by your blog and by reading the book Enough so yesterday I donated 1/3 of my grocery budget to church this week and managed by shopping sales, using 1 coupon, and planning my menu for the week to spend less than $40.00 for groceries for our family of 5. I may need to pick a few things up later in the week, but I did I!

    1. What a wonderful idea! I'm so glad you liked the book! I keep hoping to find time to blog about it again... but not yet! :-) Do you normally spend less than $40 a week for groceries? That is amazing!

    2. Hi Georgene! I usually spend more than $40.00 on groceries per week. And, I ended going back to the store for a few Greek yogurts for the kids' lunches and some Halloween frosting, but I've been cooking more this week and freezing more so it's worked out! The book was SO inspiring! Thanks again, I love reading your blog!

  2. Cleaning out my freezer today! What does LC stand for? Thanks, Angela

    1. Mary beat me to explaining my shorthand. :-) LC stands for Low Carb.

  3. LC must be low carb. I love that donate your grocery $ idea. Will have to run it by hubby. He has asked me to keep an eye out for things we use a lot that are sale priced and stock up some. I had been getting away from that idea, but he has some plans and is hoping to come home at some point--so we would have less income. So he would like me to prepare for that--or 'prep' for it. He is on a low carb almost no carb diet currently. He started just a couple weeks ago and has lost 8 pounds. I should join him I suppose, but so far not keen on it. :)

    1. I've been doing some research on 'prepping' for low carb. I started a list. Most of the websites are geared towards high carb stocking. I'm only allowing myself $5 a week for good sales to fill the pantry. I need to go through my pantry and get rid of things I"m not using. Someday. :-)

  4. Hi Georgene, I really enjoy your blog! Would you put up some more books in your Amazon store? I've read two of your suggestions and really liked them. Any other places on your blog where you list great money saving books?

    1. ooooh, I see there's a new book in your store!! Thanks! :)

  5. Hello Georgene, I just came across this blog today, and it is exactly what I have been looking for, for years! I read today's post, and then read the one where you explained the beginning of this journey, and immediately recognized your flexibility and resourcefulness, as well as the total lack of self-pity.....sort of a "it is what it is, and we'll make the best of any situation". Truly admirable. Bless you. I will try hard not to read everything you've written all at once, but am certainly tempted.


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