Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Menus

One thing I like about making a menu is that it keeps me out of the stores because I can see that I have enough food to get me through the week.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, kale, onion, cheese
Lunch: Hot link Sandwich (husband), Cuke, tomato (FG), red onion, avocado, egg salad (me)
Dinner: Chile Rellenos

Breakfast: LC pancakes and SF syrup
Lunch: Soup (Note to self: mark container next time)
Dinner: Atkins LC Buffalo Crack Slaw

Breakfast: LC pancakes and SF syrup
Lunch: Bologna sandwich (husband), Veggie salad with boiled egg (me)
Dinner: Barbecue Chicken, yam, green beans

Breakfast: LC Breakfast Bowl (scrambled egg, 1/2 potato, sausage, gravy)
Lunch: Egg salad sandwich (husband), Egg salad wrap (me)
Dinner: Spaghetti squash (FG) and spaghetti sauce (FG)

Breakfast: Carb Buster (yellow and winter squash, onions, garlic, grilled tomato and poached egg on top
Lunch:  Kale (FG) and sausage soup
Dinner: LC tacos

Breakfast:  LC waffle and SF syrup
Lunch: Chicken sandwich (husband), chicken salad (me)
Dinner: LC chicken enchilada (homemade sauce) and salad (tomatoes FG)

Breakfast:  LC muffin and LC smoothie (fruit FG)
Lunch: Kale and sausage soup (leftover)
Dinner: LC chicken enchilada and salad (leftovers)

Snacks: LC chocolate pudding pie, sunflower seeds (FG), pickled asparagus (free gift), boiled eggs


  1. Your menu sounds good. And even if you don't stick to it exactly, it will help with using what you have, seems no matter how careful I plan that something changes.

    I smiled at your Kale at it reminded me that my grandson has a pre K classmate that is a little girl named Kale. Seems a funny name to me for a little girl :)

    Hope you have a good and thrifty week

    1. Hi Rhonda,
      Yes, the menu can change and usually does. But, it's really making a huge difference in knowing I can avoid the stores for a bit longer. :-)

  2. I really enjoy your posts, was wondering if you could share your low carb recipes, kind regards Carol.

  3. Hi Carol,
    I'm slowly trying to add my low carb recipes to that webpage. I added the muffins last week and hope to put the pancake recipe on this week. Here is the link to the website. There is a low carb link.

  4. What a great idea to have a web site for church members sharing recipes!


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