Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Bible Club for the Grandkiddos!

A few years ago we hosted a bible club for the grandchildren during their summer vacation. It was a lot of fun and we made some great memories. So, my granddaughter asked if we could have another bible club this summer.

We ended up having 2 bible clubs. We focused on 1 scripture for each club. We did a bible craft and an activity along with fun treats plus we played a few games. The children really seemed to enjoy it. I hope we made some fun memories they will remember for many years to come.  They are all growing up so fast and I know the day is almost here when they will not enjoy spending the night as they have in years past. I'm so thankful for the time we're able to have to together and that their parents make our relationship a priority.

The grands love to bake chocolate chip cookies!

We made 'glow in the dark' slime! Here they are adding the ingredients.

It really did glow in the dark.

Grammy giving the bible teaching on obeying God's Word.
 The hula hoop was used as a visual for the bible teaching.

My granddaughter wanted to make cake pops.

The girls' wrote out their scripture on construction paper and then glued it to a can to make a pencil holder.
... more baking...

Mr. Cutie!

Miss M. wrote one of her bible verses on her arm before Grammy could stop her. :-)

Another bible craft.

We made homemade bubbles. They were HUGE!

Mr. "C"

More bubbles

We had a great time!

What have you been doing this summer?