Thursday, May 23, 2013

Free Kindle Books (even if you don't have a Kindle)

If you don't own a hand held Kindle then just click on one of the links below and look below the price where it says: "Don't own a Kindle?". It will download an app on your computer which allows you to read any Kindle book right from your own computer. There are so many great deals in the Kindle books and many are free.  You can bookmark your page and also make notes. Very cool!

 The ones I've listed below are FREE. Enjoy!

Does God Control Everything?  Can I have joy in my life?  Can I be sure I'm saved?  Can I know God's will?  Does prayer change things?  How should I live in this world?  What can I do with my guilt?  What does it mean to be born again?  What is baptism?  What is the trinity?  What is faith?  Who is Jesus


  1. You should write some ebooks.. :)
    I'm thinking about doing a devotional that focuses on scriptures that I've found particularly important to help deal with unpredictable health issues. Just pondering it so far, not sure but I think I see one coming together in my prayer book--I have a little notebook I list people I'm praying for and add a scripture to it a few times a week. Interesting to watch it take shape.

  2. I would think it would be nice to read some books on a computer--especially if they are free--but I still enjoy turning the pages! But technology is amazing! You really could do an ebook, I think it's fairly easy to produce.

  3. I would love to be able to read books on my computer, I don't have a Kindle. I don't know much about the computer, so could you explain what I need to do? If you can't, its okay.
    Thanks in advanced.


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