Friday, February 1, 2013

Frugal Friday: Making money at home

I'm now working 2 days a week for Miss Alice. I'm grateful to have the extra hours at home. I was really getting behind on my work. I'm finally getting some untidy areas organized and it's relieving some stress.

I'll be making less money so I'm thinking of ways to stretch our money farther.

This is how I think about it: If I can do the work instead of paying someone then I'm making money at home.  Does that make sense? It's like paying myself to work instead of paying someone else to do the work for me. For instance, if I wash my own car instead of paying someone then I see it as earning $7.00.

Here are just a few ways I made money at home this week:

1. I spend approx. $10 a month on canned dog food. I made homemade dog food a month ago and it was a big success. My dog really liked it. We mix it in with the dry dog food.  I've been saving scraps of meat and other food scraps to make the next batch which I did this week. Here is the list of items I saved or had on hand:
  • Scraps of meat (grissle, skin, leftovers,etc.)
  • leftover macaroni and cheese (grandkiddos)
  • 2 cups of rice
  • chicken and beef boullion
  • Squash (wilted)
  • Leftover veggies in the fridge
 I chose to freeze the dog food instead of pressure canning so that I could include noodles and rice in the mixture. I saved the meat scraps in recycled plastic bags which I then used for the finished dog food (using them 3 times total). I saved $10 using only ingredients I had on hand.

2.  We've cut back on carbs the past few months but my husband still likes an occasional sandwich.  I had a lot of whole wheat and bread flour on hand so I made 2 loaves of bread. I have 3 bread makers (yes 3) which helps speed up the baking process. I only use the 'dough cycle' and then place the dough in the greased loaf pans, rise again in a warm oven and then bake.  I cut the loaves in half and froze them. I made $6.00 from home.

This is just an example of how I make money from home. How about you? How did you make money from home this week?


  1. "She rises up early and looks after the needs of her household" from Proverbs. Home baked bread is the best. And to think that my bread machine didn't sell at a yard sale several years ago and I still have it! You always inspire.

    Hugs and prayers,

  2. Well I "literally" make money from home... I sew for extra income and receive orders through my blog, and I also offer photo shoots which helps our income. :) As for 'saving' from things around the home, I try to cook as much from scratch as I can, bake all of our bread, etc... every little bit helps!

    1. Every bit does count Carla! Good for you that you're able to make money from home by sewing,etc. I've also had a part in that and may again in the future. It sounds like you are a very busy lady! :-)

  3. I think bread baking is a great savings, bread is sooo expensive now. If one can get in the routine--and you have to basically stay at home at least part of the day, it's pretty easy to do. And healthier too. I don't have a bread machine or a mixer, do it all by hand and actually enjoy the kneading.

    1. I enjoy baking bread by hand, too. It's got more "love" that way, I say! :)

      I've been making my own veggie broth with veggie scraps and a pressure cooker.

      I try to grow as many veggies as we can. I've got spinach going in buckets right now, and my broccoli and cabbage seedlings have sprouted for our spring garden.

      Our faucet mounted water filter broke last week. After tasting the water directly from the tap, we decided it really wasn't bad, so we're not planning to replace the filter.

      My boys' shoes were looking pretty worn out, but they still fit well. I ran them through the washing machine, and they came out looking much better. They'll get a few more months of wear now.

      I try to recycle my plastic bags, too. My ultimate goal is to get dishware to replace most of the plastic bags, because it's sturdier and I think it will last longer cost-wise.

  4. If you don't already, you should read the Prudent Homemaker Blog. The woman is a genius at living on extremely little with 7 children. She has a frugal things I did this week post, to which everyone posts what they also did. It is a frugal goldmine.

  5. Enjoyed reading your blog ..another dog treat or two you can make for you four legged furry family < my abby loves it > for summer: 1/2 cup of chicken broth and 1 cup of plain non-fat yogurt ..freeze...Abby love these Pupsicle now Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal chews..
    1 cup oatmeal 4 oz applesauce I used unsweetned 1/4 cup dry milk 1 egg 1/4 tsp cinnamon ...preheat oven 325 mix together drop on cookie sheet w/tsp bk about 15 min walaaaa ..abby love'em and they are LOTS cheaper than the snack you buy and safer tooo

    1. Your 'doggie chews' sound great. I'll have to consider making some. Thanks again!

  6. Really good ideas. I think the same that everything I do at home saves us money

  7. I 'make' money at home by only using the wood stove and not turning on the heater. Also .. by drying our clothes on hangers and racks where the heat gathers upstairs instead of using the clothes dryer.

    1. You're blessed to have a wood stove. I've been hanging out my clothes on sunny days and dry them in the garage on lines during the rainy and overcast days. It's a little extra work as you know but sure saves money.


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