Friday, February 15, 2013

Frugal Friday: Feb. 15

The sun is shining again. I just feel better when the sun shines. Not sure why but I do. I'm spending every spare minute in the yard getting things ready for my vegetable garden.  A lot of the seeds I planted have sprouted. I'm putting them out in the sun and turning off the plant light during the day. I planted tomatoes, eggplant and peppers this past weekend and hope to plant cilantro and some lavendar seeds tomorrow.  Maybe I'll plant some more tomato seeds.

I'm hunting for Comfrey seeds. I read an article on how to make homemade fertilizer from comfrey seeds. I haven't found any seeds locally.. but I'm a huntin'!

My 'grey water project' is almost complete. I purchased a large garbage can tonight and hope to have the project finished this weekend.  Hopefully I'll have pictures to show you next week.

Here are a few ways I saved money this week:

1. I forgot to buy soy sauce at the dollar store but remembered I had some small packets I had saved from Chinese take out. I also used the packets of red pepper flakes that I saved from take out pizza to use in my stir fry.

2. I made homemade tartar sauce for our fish sticks. I had some left over so I used it for salad dressing.

3. I planted some free garlic bulbs that my daughter in love shared with me.

4.  I planted 2 tomato plants that my neighbor shared with me.

5.  I received a survey invite from Savemart with my receipt. I decided to give it a try. The survey only took a few minutes and I received a free $5 giftcard.  The timing was perfect because they had #10 bags of chicken legs and thighs on sale for .58 a pound. I'll definitely be doing their surveys again.

Miss Sassy! Doesn't that look on her face say it all? 
6.  I cut open an empty toothpaste tube and found there was a lot left in the creases.

7.  I finally got around to emptying the 2012 receipt files.  I had some sticky name tags so I placed it over the writing so I can reuse the files for 2013.

I always love reading how you saved money. What did you do this week in your home?

 .. aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands ..1 Thess. 4:11 ESV


  1. We went to Ikea for Valentine's Day dinner and it was free and delicious.

  2. Georgene,

    Another way to make great compost for your garden, create your own compost pile. Make a little outline on the ground outside (using anything like: rocks, bricks, wood ect...). Then daily throw any vegetable remains in the pile, along with used tea bags, coffee grounds, egg shells, shreadded paper, cut hair, grass clippings and leaves.
    It's just a thought.

  3. Ooh Ooh, I know why we feel better in the sun! It's because when sunlight reaches our eyes, it prompts our brains to make the hormone seratonin, which is the "wake up and be happy" hormone. (It's the counterpart to melatonin, the "get cozy and go to sleep" hormone.)

    1. Spoken like a true homeschooling mother! :-) Good for you! (At least I think I remember that you homeschool. Am I right? )

    2. I am doing a preschool homeschool, with plans to continue through k-12. Happy Gardening, Georgene!

  4. I got root cuttings to start my comfrey "patch". Found them on ebay.

    1. I wonder if you can start them from seeds? Or does it take a long time?

  5. That's funny because last week I found a handful of taco sauce packets one of my kids left and I used them on eggs and nachos.

  6. Only had one meal out, and I paid for that with a giftcard from Christmas. Gas prices are so high I am driving less. Trying to stay home every other day, and combine errands on the days I do drive. But a lot of appt.'s this week, so I will be driving a lot. Bought a robe for my granddaughters birthday at Goodwill, brand new condition. I will be buying my husbands birthday present at Family Christian bookstore with a gift certificate. I love the picture of Miss Sassy!

  7. What a fabulous post with great info! Wonderful idea. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. I will have to go visit my old garden and see if there is still comfrey. When we lived there I had a lot, but its been a few years and my daughter is too busy with babies to learn gardening.


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