Friday, January 4, 2013

Frugal Flops!

I thought it best to do an update on a few frugal ideas that flopped!

 Our water bill was higher than I wanted so I went on an all out campaign to save every drop and reuse it when possible! I'm not positive but I may have ended up causing problems with the pipes from the kitchen to the bath because they backed up.  There is no way to know for sure if my water saving methods caused this problem but  I want to warn you  just in case.


Now granted.. our pipes were thrashed. We had problems as soon as we moved in this summer. I'm wondering since I wasn't putting any water down the kitchen pipes  if it caused things to not move through easily.

I'm still saving water from the kitchen .. but not to the extreme that I was before. I only save the water that normally gets wasted when I'm waiting for the hot water to travel from the garage to the house. That usually amounts to a small bucket full. Sometimes I'll save the rinse water.  I place the bucket of water in the bathroom tub and we use it to flush. In the summer I plan to use the extra water on my patio plants. 

The second idea that flopped had to do with  putting my shampoo into a hand pump soap dispenser.  I hoped the pump would stretch the shampoo by administering a smaller amount of shampoo.  The idea was great but the administration failed. I'm not sure if the shampoo was too thick or if the pump just wasn't efficient but the pump ended up not working after the first few times.  I'll keep my eyes opened for a better hand pump because I think the idea would really work well!

The majority of the ideas I've tried are keepers but every once in a while I come across a dudley!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that your New Year was a blessing!


  1. My frugal flop was using baking soda to clean the oven. It got between the glass panels on the door and I had to hire someone to come and take the entire aparatus apart..because we were selling the house and it looked terrible. Never again!

  2. We buy our shampoo and conditioner from Costco and they come in a bottle with a pump so I know that the idea works. Maybe ask someone for their empty bottles from Costco; that type of pump might work better.

  3. I think shampoo will work with a pump, my daughter is a hair dresser and she occasionally buys me salon shampoo and it usually comes in a pump bottle. Maybe check a beauty supply shop, or perhaps a local salon would let you have the empty bottle when they are they are done.


  4. Trial and error I guess. I wonder if you could just thin your shampoo as it is really thick. Maybe two to one part water? I often thin our liquid soap before I put it in a dispenser. Just a thought. Happy New Year and Happy More Frugaling!

  5. I am glad you have some flops, because I certainly do--a lot of them. I spend money on quality of life at times when I might be more inventive. I need money counsel.

    Hugs and prayers,

  6. If you can buy a bottle of Tresemme shampoo it comes in a pump bottle. You could then just continually refill the bottle. I assume that you can buy that brand in the U.S(I am in canada).

    The water pipes problem is weird. I wouldn't think that cutting down on water usage would cause your pipes to back up.

  7. I have to say, you don't give up! That's admirable. I frequently just take the easy road, mostly due to my fibromyalgia. I really love your "how I saved money this week" posts. They encourage me! Also, I think the pipe problem was like you said, they are just old.

  8. I always love reading your ideas on saving money and things in our environment.....
    A flop once in awhile is expected.....
    HOpe you all are doing well!

  9. If it is cold where you are that may have had something to do w/the pipes. We are in a small beach cottage and we have had our outdoor shower pipes split because a small bit of water was trapped inside and froze. I'd say use your shampoo as you normally would but don't wash it as much. Really only once or twice a week is all hair needs so that may save some shampoo for you! I enjoy reading your creative ideas on money saving!

  10. My shampoo saving trick is to dilute thick shampoo with about 10 parts water. I use an empty bottle add about an 1oz of shampoo and fill 3/4 with water. Don't fill too full or it's hard to mix. Just shake up and when the bubbled settle you can use it. I use about 2 tablespoons for my short, fine hair. I like that the shampoo is easy to spread all over and it lathers really well. I wash my hair everyday and I have been working on a big bottle of Tresemme for 6 months and there is a lot left. The same with conditioner I just dilute it less depending on your hair type.


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