Friday, December 14, 2012

Frugal Friday: How I saved money this week (Dec. 13)

I know it sounds far fetched but I've actually had a pretty peaceful month. My main Christmas shopping was finished before Thanksgiving and I had the presents pretty much wrapped a few weeks ago. I'm not doing a lot of baking this year (I'm experiencing withdrawals) due to pocketbook and for health reasons. Instead, I hope to bake some homemade bread to give as gifts to a few family members. I've worn myself out in years past making dozens and dozens of cookies and candy. I loved every minute of it and I will really miss doing it this year but it certainly has helped to foster a relaxed spirit.

My husband and I have been reading scriptures to prepare our hearts to celebrate Christ's birth. It really has been a very peaceful Christmas. Having less money to spend has some major perks because it has allowed me the joy of focusing on Christ.

1. I added filtered water to the milk to stretch it. We have one more week till payday and I don't want to spend anything else on groceries. I've tried to come in under budget this month since I overspent last month. I used to buy 1 percent milk but now I buy whole milk so that I can stretch it when needed and no one can tell the difference. :-) (Update: BUSTED! Hubby asked why the milk tasted like metal and he backed me into a corner and I had to confess! I'm forbidden from watering the milk from now on. Rats!)

2. I made up an entire monthly menu so I'll be prepared to shop when our check comes next week.

3. I reorganized my freezer so that I could inventory what I already had in stock. I put veggies on one shelf, meat in the bottom drawer, lunch meat on the second shelf, etc. I made a list of what was in stock and then used it in my monthly budget. I had food in the bottom of my freezer that I had forgotten. I hope I can remember to do this monthly before I do my big shopping.

4.  I started saving meat scraps again for my next batch of homemade dog food.

5.  I've been making homemade laundry detergent off and on for quite a few years. I tried a new recipe this week by the Duggar's. I hope it works because it made more than twice the amount of the recipe I've been using. I now have 10 gallons of laundry detergent for a fraction of the cost of what I'd pay retail.

6. I made another batch of laundry stain remover.

7. I made a pot of soup last week and then again this week. My plan is to make a new batch for the next two weeks. Soup is an inexpensive lunch and now I'll have a variety at my fingertips!

How did you save money this week in your home? I'd also love to hear how you trusted God to provide what you needed.

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  1. Always good to read your thrifty posts. I am not making many Christmas cookies like I usually do and what a difference it makes!

  2. I changed my washing machine settings - was already using the shortest cycle but switched it to cold water for added savings (as suggested by my power company). I also bought rice in an 8 kilogram sack at 1/3 of the price of the smaller packs - just have to find some containers to put it in now. Am planning to do a cross border shop (I live in Canada) to save on groceries and business supplies as we are self employed.

  3. I love this post, because you're relaxing and enjoying what this season is really all about.

    I get very discouraged when I see so many people rushing and buying 'stuff'.... I'm afraid too many people haven't taken the time to stop and remember that "Christ" is in the mas.

    I loved your milk story until your husband said it tasted like metal. Don't think I'll try that one.

  4. I have had it in my mind to make five gifts to save money. Two I am not doing because of my carpal tunnel, and three quilts are in the process for families that have children. I had the backing for the quilts and just bought cloth map panels of the world with the machine quilting the the latitude and longitude lines. This is an educational gift for three families. I will contact them if I am not able to finish it by Christmas. Everything else is done and decorations are minimal. I didn't even spend money on poinsettias this year. I also am trying to use up the food we have rather than buying more food unless absolutely necessary.

    Hugs, prayers and Merry Christmas!

  5. An excellent list for the week!

    We switched to making rosemary olive oil bread last year instead of cookies. It's $0.35 a loaf, and you could even give half loaves. It's much less money and much easier than cookies, with less hands-on time, too.

    I post my frugal list on Saturdays. I usually do several more things to save money on Saturday :)

  6. Bit late reading this, had to comment about the milk. I've done that, never been questioned!
    God bless


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