Thursday, November 29, 2012

Serving stuff or others?

I'm daily (imperfectly and slowly) learning
 to not make stuff 
(obtaining and maintaining) 
a higher priority than serving others.
I fail daily!
I imagine it will be a life long fight
 as long as I live
 in this flesh 
(and in America).


  1. This is especially tough in America, don't you think? We have to keep trying and re trying and re focusing on the right thing.


  2. It is hard when people judge you by how much stuff you have.

  3. So many young people are batting around ideas like "minimalism". They have looked at our excesses and the traps we have set for ourselves with what we have. They wisely have declined "stuff" so they can serve others. It's taken me my 68 years to learn about stuff and that just because it is a bargain doesn't mean I should have "stuff".


Thank you for your comment.