Saturday, April 7, 2012

Free Kindle Books: Francis Chan

Do you have a Kindle? Or have you downloaded a free Kindle onto your computer from Amazon?

Try this link to download a free Kindle App for your computer. This will allow you to download any free Kindle book and read it on your computer.

Amazon is offering a 3 free Kindle Books of Francis Chan:

Crazy Love
The Forgotten God
Erasing Hell

I'm not sure how long this offer is available. Possibly only through today so hurry! I've read Crazy Love and I loved it!

Amazon Kindle Store


  1. Hey There,

    I understand you like to read. I came across a post from another blogger friend about free books with or without kindle/nook. By using free application downloads. It maybe of interest to you, so I am providing you with her blog address.

    1. Thank you Sandy. I did know about the free app for Kindles through Amazon but others may not.

  2. I'd love to get a kindle but can't afford it. RYC-I just started read The Great Divorce. Are there any in particular of his books that you would recommend?


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