Monday, February 13, 2012

Free Kindle Book by Jerry Bridges

 I'm not sure how long this is available but it's FREE today! I don't own a Kindle but I downloaded
the free version for my PC. I love Jerry Bridges and I'm sure this book will not disappoint.

The Transforming Power of the Gospel


  1. Thanks for this tip but how do you download it? Do you have to open an Amazon Whispernet account?

  2. I just noticed a comment where you asked me for a recipe for fried eggplant. It was from a cookbook called Think Like A Chef, by Tom Colicchio. It's just slices of eggplant dipped in an eggwash, then flour and finally breadcrumbs, then fried. I'm not sure which sauce you wanted. The Putanesca Sa. I've posted links for. The dish I should had sauted summer squash, onion and tomato. It lookes like I put a little cheese on top of the eggplant. I could not eat that now. If I made that now I'd use coconut flour and instead of break crumbs almound flour which give a crunchy finish kind of like bread crumbs. I'm now doing gluten-free as well as dairy-free and low carb, so no cheese now. I haven't tried the soy cheeses yet. Sorry I missed you question til now. Linda

  3. I was thinking about the recipe I gave you last night and I realized the flour comes first then the egg wash and last the bread crumbs. As far as the gluten-free diet for me means no more cheating I'm totally grain free, but also I have a list on ingredient I got from one of these site I post a couple of posts back that I look for when I buy products off the shelf, like canned soups, condiments. Soy sauce has gluten in it but you can buy a gluten-free version. I'm not trying to bake with all those alternative grains because they are too high in carbs, but I did buy some rice cracker that are gluten-free. I need to learn to make my own crackers from the almond flour and flax meal. I'll post about it when I try a recipe. I'm glad you liked the post it note idea.

  4. I had heard so many good things about this book so I just had to buy it. I'm SO glad I did. I have learned so much. It is a good blend of college textbook meets cookbook.


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