Monday, February 21, 2011

My favorite recipe sites

I used to collect cookbooks until we began downsizing.  Once we started downsizing I realized they took up too much space. Plus, I realized that I was using my own personal cookbooks and online recipes more than the cookbooks.

I have 2 favorite recipe sites online that I probably use at least 4 times a week. These sites have replaced most of my cookbooks.

All Recipes

I use their search engine to find a recipe. Once the the page comes up with the recipes, you'll see at the top a pull down link that says 'revelance'. Click on it and choose 'rating'. By doing so it will automatically arrange the recipes according to their rating. Below the top rated recipes you'll find helpful reviews.  I always read these to get ideas on how to improve the recipe or to find out what ingredients can be replaced.

Be sure to sign up as a member so that you can make a cookbook. This feature allows you to save the recipes. I love this feature because it saves me money (no more cookbooks or cooking magazines) and storing space since I don't have to print out the recipes. 

The Food site also has a feature where you can filter food items you have available. It will bring up available recipes for the items you have on hand.

Do you have any favorite recipe sites?


  1. Those are the two I use! I started cooking for my family when I was 9...4-H...I'm almost 57, I've collected cookbooks my whole life...I had 100's...and this Fall during my pre-holiday cleaning spree I boxed them all up; kept four of my most favorites. I freed up a half dozen bookcases! Now if I would just take the time to put them on Amazon, Ebay or Craigs List!

  2. Brilliant idea, I use online sites for free knitting, sewing patterns although I own quite a few craft books, and of course the local library is a great free resource of the most recent publications of recipe and craft books.

    florrie x

  3. I have used the All recipe site many times, I didn't know about the features, I think the one where you put in what you have and it finds a recipe sounds really cool! I use the library a lot and have several favorite cookbooks there, so I borrow them on and off as needed.


    I love this page. They have recipes for two which is great. You have to dig through alot but I have some favorites now from them.

  5. is my favorite one of all! I can usually find exactly what I'm looking for there.

  6. I agree with you that it sure does eliminate the clutter to use online cookbooks.

    I use All Recipes too, but my favorite is I've found some real favorites there.

  7. I often use my weight watchers online site but I also like to explore the websites of products I find on sale or have coupons for--often they have neat ideas of ways to use their products that I might not have thought of. Got my favorite Microwaved glazed carrot recipe from the Mrs. Dash website.

  8. I remember years ago smiling when my sister-in-law printed out a recipe from her computer. Now I do that also.

    Downsizing recipe books is a great idea. Have done that when I move and certainly need to do that now as well.


  9. Hi Georgene! After thinking about it yesterday I decided to cancel the WW subscription. I have all the tools to do it myself now w/o the membership and it is a heckuva drive to get weighed when I can do it here in my bathroom. But--I was just looking at the best little idea--not a recipe--but a way to make eating healthy--easier which I think is also cheaper--lots of veggies. Have you seen this? Refrigerator salad bar? I was so impressed with it thought I'd share it here with you.

  10. Hi Georgene
    Allrecipes is my favorite. Reading their ratings and commnets, I have never made a dud recipe from them. I also like they have the nutritionnal info for each recipe

  11. I love AllRecpies, too. Know what you mean about the cookbooks .. Most of the time, I only use a few recipes from them, so I'm scanning the pages with the recipes I want to keep, or try, then passing the books on.


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