Friday, April 8, 2011

CVS Free Deals

A friend came by tonight to learn how to get free (or nearly free) items from the drugstores. I'm no expert.. I'm still very slow at the whole process but love sharing what I've learned.

So this is the only deal we worked on. CVS was out of 2 of the other items that we could have received for free. The best time to work the 'free' deals is at the beginning of the week. Oftentimes the stores won't restock the free items at the end of the week.

Oral B Manual Toothbrush $2.99
- .99 ECB, limit 2
- $2 (PG 4/3)
- B1G1F (RP 3/13)
Final Price = 2 free 


We actually paid $1.54 for 2 toothbrushes and then received 2 ECB's back on the receipt making the toothbrushes free. I used the 2 ECB's to purchase 4 Reeses Easter eggs for the grandchildren.

I'm not smart enough to figure out how to get $1,000 of groceries for free but I'm thankful for the little I have learned. I'm able to keep a moderate stash of toiletries that I get for free or nearly free.  It greatly helps stretch my $200 grocery budget.

It was fun! :=)